Accelerate Invoice Capture and Approvals using Laserfiche AI & Workflow

Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture uses machine learning technology to capture information from any invoice, in any format, allowing you to accurately identify, capture, and classify invoice information. Automatically populate accounting systems or ERPs with captured invoice information leveraging AI. Gather information from invoices filled out by hand and save it as searchable metadata. Your AP process will be streamlined, managed and automated from beginning to end.


ECS Imaging has been providing solutions to automate and digitally transform processes since 1990. Our proven track record shows we are the top provider in the western USA for Laserfiche Content Management since 1995! Offering unmatched expertise in the industry with an ethical and professional team, we will successfully automate and provide a turnkey solution for your organization. With the combination of ECS experience and the powerful automation tools in the Laserfiche software platform, your AP process will move to 21st century results.

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